Our purpose

is to promote the study and practice of calligraphy, but we also find an interest in many related arts such as bookmaking, embossing, rubber stamps, paper making, watercolor, origami, marbling, and many more.

Organized in January 1984 and based in Orlando, Florida.


Our members come from all walks of life and include beginners, hobbyists and professionals alike.

Upcoming Events


September 13  Meeting

For this meeting only - the meeting will start at 12:30 and end at 3:00

This will an exciting meeting. We will be starting to plan for CalligraFaire on February 27 and 28. Please bring your samples of what you might teach or demo for CalligraFaire.  We will need to be working on the supplies and lineup of classes very quickly.  Remember, it might be lettering, cards, origami, journaling small books, watercolors or background papers, marbleized papers, or maybe a class with a handout (and show & tell) on Calligrapher’s tools or various kinds of pens, what is in a basic toolbox for Calligraphy (these last two might be a free class ongoing to get interest).  Or maybe a class discussing the various styles and hands of calligraphy? Again, a free class to get people interested.”


We will have antique pen nibs in holders for sale for $5.00 each. These are high quality nibs made in the late 1800’s. Please bring either cash or a check. If you were at our April 12th meeting last year, Mr. & Mrs. Wible brought the Vintage Pens. They displayed the 1895 Vintage Boxes of the Warren Pens with Pointed Pen Nibs, ranging from A4 Bank, A5 Quill, A3 Falcon and A1 College Pens and nibs.


Our After Meeting Program will be:


“Become Internet Savvy…..”


We are pleased to say we will have two media experts to talk to us about using our artwork and posting such on social media, ebay, watermarking your calligraphy for posting on the internet or Pinterest, and more!  Jennifer Herweg and Danielle Pandeline will be with us to give us a lot of information.  Please do bring any and all questions you might have on using the internet, Twitter, Facebook, and others.  Most of us have had concerns about some of this new technology and this is a good time to get the real scoop – don’t be shy, bring questions.


Also at this meeting, Rebecca will be showing her Journal Book that you can make in the class on September 20.  This will be a really neat book that you can bring to every meeting and add to it many of the techniques we will do in meetings all year. The journal can be is an excellent way to preserve what you learn in this year’s scribe’s meetings.




Barry Morentz's Workshops

2 day workshop on Gothicized Italic on Oct. 10 & 11

1 day workshop on Monogram Magic on October 12

If you are interested please contact Judy Shears for more information click on his name above.

For more information go to Meetings/Workshops


September 20  Journal Workshop

12:30p – 4:30p at the Jewish Community Center, Maitland


Rebecca first brought this to a Board Meeting and we were all so excited, everyone wanted to make one. The idea was that you could bring this to each meeting. As we learn new techniques or try a new tool, this Journal could be where you make/keep all those testings – a technique tester or personal reference guide! You can refer back to this many times. It will be great to make thumbnail sketches at meetings. The cover is made of chipboard and covered with just about any kind of paper – you can use your old calligraphy practice paper to cover (recycle) or drawing or watercolor paper. The inside is a large fold out of watercolor paper (you can make this as long as you wish). The outside cover measures 8-1/4” by 6”, approx. 1” deep. The book will have closures (more than one option will be given), and also a pocket to keep pencils, pen, markers for use in making your sketches or thumbnail drawings. Complete supply list will be sent on registration (you will already have most of the supplies)

    Send this form, and your check, to

Scribes of Central Florida

PO Box 1753

Winter Park, FL 32790

You will receive email notification of your registration along with the supply list. Feel free to contact Rebecca with any questions: brrck@yahoo.com

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Scribes of Central Florida

P. O. Box 1753

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We meet once a month (September to May)

Usually the 1st Sunday of the Month at 1pm

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