Our purpose

is to promote the study and practice of calligraphy, but we also find an interest in many related arts such as bookmaking, embossing, rubber stamps, paper making, watercolor, origami, marbling, and many more.

Organized in January 1984 and based in Orlando, Florida.


Our members come from all walks of life and include beginners, hobbyists and professionals alike.

May 1, 2016

Our May Luncheon was held at the Maitland Art Center in the Germaine Marvel Building. The beautiful weather was enjoyed by all on the patio  with a wine, water, soda, crackers and cheese along with great conversations.  Next came a feast of the pot luck dishes that were delicious and unique. While dining, the scribes and their guests were entertained by William Patrick, a jazz guitarist and son of our president, Jenifer.


After lunch, there was a short business meeting. Perfect Attendance Certificates and a bottle of Ziller North Wind White Ink were presented to Elvie Dolbrus, Rebecca Francis, Paul Lemay, Terri Markle, Elaine Matthews, Vivian Mungall, Judy Shears, and Jenifer Patrick. Linda Ross handed out a booklet of Calligrafaire handouts to attending scribe members and thanked all the people who made it possible. Kha Duong told everyone about the new Facebook page for the Scribes and encouraged everyone to check it out.


Paul Lemay taught a class on how to make a paper pen holder. Many colorful holders were made in oranges, yellows and greens. Now when one of these scribes gets a pen nib that doesn't fit into any of their holders - they can just make one!


Everyone was asked to bring something that they had made during the year to display in the gallery. Beautiful work from calligraphy to painting on gourds was on display. Terry Markle also generously brought her abundant art supplies to share with the scribes at a free table.


Pictures are in the newsletter!

A great time was had by all!

Upcoming Events


September 11, 2016

Our first meeting of the new year at the JCC. It will start at 1PM



October 14, 15 and 16, 2016

Kathy Milici's Workshop

Information is below Medieval Text Class


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Contact us by mail:

Scribes of Central Florida

P. O. Box 1753

Winter Park, FL 32790-1753

Contact us by email as Info@scribesofcentralflorida.com

We meet once a month (September to May)

Usually the 1st Sunday of the Month at 1pm

Visit the Join Us for Location & Directions.

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